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Lou Viel Castel Laguépie
Lou Viel Castel
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Its construction probably dates back to before the year 1000, like many fortified castles in our region, it was in 1175 that we find the first written record of the Lord of La Guèpie, Raymond Bernard. In 1212, Simon de Montfort charged with eradicating the Cathar heresy attacked the castle of La Guèpie, which was burnt down and razed to the ground, as well as the village. Its strategic position allowed it to be rebuilt. The count of Toulouse Raymond VII, becomes lord of La Guèpie. By inheritance the castle goes to his daughter, wife of Alphonse de Poitiers (brother of Louis IX), who exchanges it for the castle of Penne. Bernard de Penne becomes Lord of La Guèpie and then begins the Penne-Gourdon branch for about 3 centuries . The Hundred Years War ignites the South West, the Viaur becomes a border between the kingdom of France and England. The Treaty of Brétigny gave it to the English for about thirty years. On August 1, 1592, the Catholic League of the Duke of Joyeuse laid siege to the castle, 70 men and the baron were killed during this attack. The castle was razed again as well as the village. In 1598, the Edict of Nantes brought peace, and the lords remained Protestants. It is the brother of the assassinated baron who raises the ruins of the castle and gives it its residential aspect at the end of the 16th century. The revolution marked the end of the castle, it was looted by the inhabitants of the region. Baron de Freissinet, a refugee in Switzerland, died in 1796. His two sons, Casimir and Louis, inherited. Casimir returned for the first time in 1827, he wanted to preserve the ruins of the cradle of his ancestors and had some work done. His brother Louis, in 1844 sold the entire castle to Raymond Maurel, but Casimir broke the sale and the castle was divided in two. Casimir preserves the ruins that we visit, this part represents about ¼ of the surface. The other part is sold. In the 1970s, sections of the wall fell, the descendant of the baron not being able to assume this charge gave it for the symbolic Franc to the town hall of St Martin Laguépie, currently owner.The Lou Viel Castel association has been working since, in its maintenance, and brings it back to life in summer through various occasional events.The castle is open for heritage days and from mid-July around August 20 each year, thanks to the association's volunteers. Visit dramatized by AGIT on the first Wednesday of August at 9 p.m.


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    Château Lou Viel Castel
    82250 Laguépie


    10 rue de la pélisserie

    82140 Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val


    05 63 30 63 47


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