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Via ferrata

Via ferrata

on the cliff?


Since 10 October 2023, the Via Ferrata has been closed due to the risk of falling rocks. This summer's drought has seriously weakened some of the boulders.
Experts were called in to diagnose the situation and discuss possible solutions and the measures needed in the short and medium term.

Following this diagnosis, the first measures were implemented:
- Dismantling part of the via ferrata.
- Clearing dangerous boulders
- Reassembly

During the inspection, it became apparent that a large rock mass was at risk of detaching from the wall.
After the visit of a geologist, two rope access technicians from an approved company were called in to check the precise state of this rocky mass overlooking the Via Ferrata.
A further visit by the geologist will be scheduled to assess the progress of the situation.
Two solutions would be considered: the installation of a steel cable net to bag the mass or purging using micro charges.
As things stand, the Via Ferrata should reopen as soon as we receive the written intervention report.
In any case, it is important to remember that all these actions are intended to ensure the safety of the riders and the homes below.

We recommend that you consult the information on the site regularly.

Thank you all for your understanding !


Routes designed for adventurers eager for wide open spaces, with unforgettable panoramas of the Aveyron gorges. Those with a fear of heights should not attempt it!

The routes are possible thanks to a lifeline to which you can attach yourself with the appropriate equipment: carabiner, harness and lanyard are required. It is absolutely necessary to be equipped before leaving. Once the safety devices are in place, you can move along the cliffside in an atmosphere of unequalled freedom. Several routes have been designed for both amateurs and initiates, with a zip line at the end.

Enjoy a moment of pure pleasure!

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