Traditional markets

Producers and craftsmen

In the Causses and Gorges de l'Aveyron, the villages are surrounded by a countryside irrigated by numerous producers and craftsmen. Under the parasols, the lively stalls of local producers will tickle your taste buds and inspire a cuisine of local products.

Whether they are organic, nightly or weekly, stroll between the stalls to soak up the local atmosphere and enjoy the smells and flavours that waft through the streets.

Among others, on the programme of your discoveries are duck confit, black pudding, whole foie gras and stuffed duck neck, pork and duck fritons, truffles cultivated (in winter) on the Causse plateaux, chestnut and acacia honey, quince for your jams or jellies, lavender grown on the Causse plateaus, walnut oil, croustade and marzipan, and the pig plum that German merchants came to buy in St Antonin in the 16th century.

The Sunday market in Saint Antonin Noble Val:

Every Sunday morning, from 7am to 1pm, the streets of the charming medieval town of Saint Antonin are adorned with colourful stalls and enlivened by conversations between visitors and local producers. To get off to a good start, the best thing to do is to park on the outskirts of the town and lose yourself in the heart of the narrow streets, guided by the cheerful sounds of the market.

You will find car parks on Avenue de la Gare, Boulevard des Thermes or Avenue du Dr A Constans.

Then you must dive into the heart of the town, observe the ornate facades of the Maison des Amours and the old Romanesque house, cross the bridge over the river Aveyron before filling your basket with good local products to enjoy at home. Finally, to complete your adventure in time, and to grasp the true flavour of the place, sit down to savour a coffee on the Place de la Halle, chat, listen... you are here out of time.

The Thursday organic market in Saint Antonin Noble Val

On the Avenue Paul Benet, the organic producers follow one another to offer you the best of their production. Before filling your basket, venture into the heart of the village to observe the medieval architecture, walk along the banks of the Aveyron and contemplate the singular relief of the Aveyron gorges.

The Varen market on Saturday morning

Every Saturday morning, the lively markets of this small village on the banks of the Aveyron are held around the 19th century covered market in Varen. It is an excellent opportunity to discover the old deanery of the village, whose architecture is characteristic of medieval Rouergue, as well as the remains of the conventual monuments. A few steps away, the banks of the Aveyron offer you a unique moment of tranquillity. The gourmets will find at the Moulin de Varen something to please their palate and their eyes... take advantage of the water mirror on the river where the adventurous reliefs of the Aveyron Gorges are reflected.

The markets of Caylus

On Tuesday mornings in the town hall square and near the covered market, and on Saturday mornings in the wash house square, the medieval town of Caylus comes alive during the farmers' markets where colourful stalls, discussions and smells enliven the centre. A treat for the eyes and the taste buds, you will find here a showcase of local produce and freshness. It is necessary to go up to the heights of the village to discover the remains of the fortifications and a square tower of medieval origin. From this point of view, you can see the (not so) far away Lake Labarthe, classified as a sensitive natural area, which invites you to relax and calm. After beating the pavement, you can profitably go back down to the right-hand street to observe the menacing wolves of the house of the same name, before going to the church of Saint Jean-Baptiste, where you will find the singular Christ by the sculptor Zadkine on display.

The market in Laguépie

On Wednesdays and Sundays from 8am to 1pm, Laguépie holds its markets under the covered market hall on the Place du foirail. You have to slalom between the stalls, smell and taste the fresh and tasty local produce... Finally, you have to venture to the confluence of the Viaur and the Aveyron, to sit on the grass for a moment of quiet serenity, under the watchful eye of the Viel Castel de Saint-Martin Laguépie, where the barons of La Guépie once lived. In those remote times, the communes were united, although separated by the river.

The Parisot market

Every Friday morning, gourmets will find tasty local products on site. Vegetables, dairy products, meat, etc. Enough to stock up on fresh produce.

Other markets and events in season :

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