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In the air

In hot-air balloons, kites or ulm...

We fly away

What could be better than to get up in the air to observe from the sky the magical undulations of the Aveyron river protected in their stone setting: the Aveyron Gorges? You will also discover the pleasant valleys of the Bonnette, the Seye and the Baye, as well as the small charming villages and the green expanses that make up the sumptuous landscapes and heritage of this region.

Adventurers of sensations, several providers can study flights above the Aveyron Gorges. Observe from the heights the villages of the Causse and the dry stone constructions.

Take to the air in a hot-air balloon or microlight!

There are various take-off sites near your accommodation that are used by different providers and associations.

Lovers of aerial sensations will be able to get closer to the clouds with the Kites & Co. school. On the Roc Deymié school site or in other places, give wings and colours to your adventures, in an unusual landscape setting.

Driving courses, shows, seminars and team buildings.

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