Fishing in a river or on a body of water

In the Causses and Gorges de l'Aveyron, it is possible. Whether you are a beginner, an amateur or a seasoned hiker, you will find a wide variety of places to relax in the middle of nature.

Les informations sur les différentes catégories de cours d’eau et rivières, les lieux où récupérer des cartes pêche, les animations découvertes et ateliers Pêche Nature sont ici, à portée de vos mains. Certains lieux constituent des réserves naturelles qu’il faut préserver pour la richesse de leur biodiversité. Vous trouverez également des parcours tous publics spécialement adaptés pour l’accessibilité de tous les publics.

In Caylus, at the Lake of Labarthe

GPS : Chemin de La Roque, 82160 Caylus / 44.233804, 1.770174 / 44°14'01.7''N 1°46'12.6''E

What species are found there?

Perch, Carp, Roach, Tench

At the Parisot Lake, leisure centre


GPS: Camping du Lac 44.270104, 1.870690/ 44°16'12.4''N 1°52'14.5''E

What equipment?

Departmental family courses, boat fishing course, launching ramp, station labelled for people with reduced mobility

What species are found there?

Pike, perch, carp, roach

Regulations: fishing from boats is allowed. Launching ramp. Thermal engine prohibited. Fishing is possible for PRM (labelled pontoon). During the opening period of the leisure centre, free entry for fishermen with their fishing card and equipment, as well as for those accompanying them. Reserve on the whole cove downstream from the footbridge.

Aveyron-Viaur : Laguépie-Saint-Antonin Noble Val

What equipment?

Launching ramps, boat fishing course

Night fishing opportunities

What species are found there?

Pike-perch, perch, catfish, chub, carp, barbel, roach, small fish, eel

Regulations: Boat fishing authorised except with a thermal engine, PDN of Laguépie on the right bank: from the railway bridge of Contillou to the dam of the same name. Boat fishing authorised except for thermal fishing. PDN of Saint Antoni Noble Val on both banks: section between 540 m upstream of the Graviers dam and the Roumégous mill. Saint Antonin Noble Val: reserve on the entire dead arm of Teussac.

Watercourses of 1e category:

Baye, Bonnette and Seye...

Regulations: ban on releases to protect local strains of brown trout.

Reserves in the communes of Lacapelle Livron and Loze, from the Benazigues bridge to the Calquières bridge. Reserve in the commune of Saint Antonin Noble Val, from the Monges bridge to the confluence of the ditch 100 m downstream of the water treatment plant. Attention to the second reserve in the commune of Saint Antonin Noble Val, on the Nibouzou.

Reserve in the commune of Ginals, from the upstream limit of the Beaulieu Abbey wood on the right bank to upstream of the D3 bridge.

For more information on the regulations, equipment and fishing spots in the department, consult the Tarn et Garonne 2022 Fishing Guide:

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