Heritage, small heritage

Back to the roots...

It is when you get lost, in the middle of the lanes, the countryside and the green fields, that you make the most beautiful encounters: the old covered market halls and pigeon houses tell you the history of a whole country. In the Causses and Gorges de l'Aveyron, at the end of the paths, exploring the valleys, you will find real treasures which have the charm of a heritage that can be discovered off the beaten track.

At Cazals, you will find astonishing interlocking dolmens, and further on, overlooking the Bonnette valley, Notre-Dame des Grâces and the old Templar commandery at Lacapelle-Livron. At the bend in the road, you will find the Varen castle and its Romanesque chapel, not forgetting the Bosc cave which opens a passageway into the bowels of the Causse.

The churches of our territory

Full of charm

At Notre-Dame des Graces, you can enjoy the view. At Notre-Dame de Livron, the atmosphere of the sanctuary, Saint-Pierre à Varen its magnificence and the little wild detours at Puech Mignon, Notre Dame de Lugan, the church of Féneyrols and Saint-Symphorien.

Our halls

Places of life, of reunion but also of trade!

The one in Caylus was used as a model for many market halls in the area and its grain measures have been preserved. The market hall in Lacapelle-Livron still has its 16th century framework and a very beautiful roof made of lauze. The one in Saint-Antonin is the centre of the market, whose reputation is well established.

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