Sun and relaxation at Lac de Parisot

A family day out

For several years now, Lac de Parisot has been a must for my family. It's the ideal place to relax and enjoy the surrounding countryside while having fun. We'll take you with us to our little beach in the countryside!


Blue Flag

In summer, my little ones ask me just one thing: Mummy, are we going to the lake? Of course, all they want to do is put on their little swimming costumes and run into the lake. You can swim or simply float on an inflatable mattress. Swimming is supervised, which is a great reassurance for me, and the quality of the water is guaranteed by the Blue Flag label. I can open a good book without remorse, and still keep an eye on it. on them! In summer, games are set up on the lake and you can hear a few "splash"and a lot of laughterthat create a cheerful, summery atmosphere.

Technical information

The lake is open all year round for walks, fishing, visits to the playground, etc. In summer, it is open for swimming.

On site

Play area, Skate park, Campsite, Picnic area, Fishing area

Best season



1 day


Children € 2 Adults €3


Parisot (82)


The guinguette by the lake

A soothing setting

What I love here is the setting: we're surrounded by forests and fields, and the landscape calls for a slow, gentle pace. In the morning, the sun rises gently and lights up the lake with its warm rays. 
My children also like to go to the play area at the lake, which adds another activity for the day. They can also try their hand at fishing, as the lake is stocked with roach and pike! 

Les poissons volants" dance hall

The aroma of home-cooked dishes draws us into the guinguette. The place is reminiscent of a beachside shack, and the atmosphere is very friendly. In summer, they organise concerts with a very varied programme: jazz, swing, world music... Their cuisine is concocted using seasonal produce (they claim to have the best chips in the South-West!). Children can enjoy an ice cream, and for the adults, they've just released their own beer, brewed in collaboration with the Caylus brewery La Cabane! 

The walks

In the evening, if you fancy a cooler walk, you can follow the signs around the lake on the interpretation trail in the footsteps of Roger le Brochet. You'll learn a lot about the lake and its inhabitants.

Gourmet markets

We particularly like coming on Thursdays, because that's the evening of the gourmet markets in Parisot!
Large tables are set up along the lake, and producers set up their colourful stalls overflowing with local produce to offer us a wide choice of meals. The idea is that you bring your own cutlery and choose what you want to eat!

The atmosphere is friendly, with music playing in the background and people chatting and sharing their culinary discoveries. So there you have it, a typical day at the Lac de Parisot, with its fairground entertainment, swimming, games, gourmet markets and moments of relaxation. It's the perfect place to recharge your batteries and enjoy nature in all its simplicity. So, when are you joining me for this experience?



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