In the shoes of a visiting family

Family walks

Recommended by Céline

Why did you choose to come here? 

St-Antonin is a haven of peace, like a parenthesis. In season, it is lively, always dynamic. Out of season, another charm operates. We then take the time to linger in our favourite places, to extend our explorations to the surroundings. The village is restful and yet never boring. Whatever the weather, there is something to do and something for the children to enjoy. Our girls have their own rituals at the Aveyron river, at the playground, at the Bessarel... For them, St-Antonin is synonymous with the outdoors, freedom and joy. It is therefore obvious that they will grow up there intermittently: the frequency with which we come there is increasing! 

Stunning walks and views

Our heartland village

What experiences have you tried in the territory? 

Although we live in the Paris region, we come to our beloved village every school holiday and have spent the last few holidays there. 

With our two daughters, aged 5 and 6, we explore the village and its immediate surroundings, finding ideas for walks or visits in the Tourist Office, in the walking guide, on PR signs or on blogs. 

Our sportswomen climbed the Calvaire, the Deymié rock, the Anglars rock, walked along the Gourgue river, explored the Bosc cave, admired the petrifying waterfall of St-Pierre-Livron, etc. 

À Each time, these walks allow you to discover amazing views, incredible flora and to realise how much St-Antonin is in a jewel case. 

What was the one that made the biggest impression on you? 

The visit to the Bosc cave is what has recently made the biggest impression on our daughters: they loved the stories told by the guide, a young man who is passionate and therefore fascinating, and several months later they are still able to tell us about the stalagmite barrier, the life span of bats, etc... 

In spontaneous activity, totally free, it is the Deymié rock that wins our approval because the hike allows you to make a loop, to observe a varied flora and to have a nice picnic up there. 

The corner of the ideas of hikes

Technical information

There are several signposted walks in the area. These are loops that allow you to return to the starting point. The information sheets can be bought individually or in the complete topos, that of the community of communes or that of St-Antonin


Hiking, Bosc cave

Best seasons

All year round


1 half day


1€ the hiking sheet 7€ for the St-Antonin guidebook - 10€ the QRGA guidebook


Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val -/ Saint-Pierre-Livron


The PR3 perspective

Peace and quiet

What was the
a little extra? 

The quality of life that the village offers: it allows you to live there as if in retirement, away from it all, in a quiet mode, as much as to take advantage of quality shops (special mention to the Tracteur Savant), and to meet nice people. Everything is simple in St-Antonin.



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