The Aveyron Gorges by bike

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With my friends, we often go on weekends between mates. We let's try to find places where you can vary your sporting pleasures. What we particularly likes is cycling! Lhe practice in itself-We like it, but it is also a new way of travelling, respectful of the environment. l'environment.  

Our accommodation

Paradise Garden

The place

Hugo has family in Laguépie. This has been talking to us for a long time of this corner, we decidedons therefore to book accommodation in this small village that is large enough for all we to welcome, with an evocative name "The Paradise Garden". We plan to stay there for a week. 

We arrived in Laguépie, one coming from Bordeaux, from the Paris region, the other from Toulouse... We grave in a row under the spell of the village, with the remains of the old fortress still watching over its inhabitants. We also have a real crush on our the view over the valley, the relaxing settingand the little extras: the pool table, the swimming pool which offers a 180° view of the valley, in which one may attempt a dive. 

Technical information

The cycle route winds its way through the Aveyron Gorges, from Montauban to Laguépie, for 85 km.

Day 1: the cycle route from Laguépie to Varen: 9 km

Off we go! We set off from Laguépie, nestling between the Viaur and Aveyron rivers. We follow the river for a while, before crossing the Tarn enclave back into Tarn-et-Garonne at Varen. We pass Lexos station, a majestic and surprising sight in such a small village. Then we treat ourselves to a well-deserved picnic by the water. There are few cars on this shared route, but you still need to be vigilant. 

In the evening, we set up a large table on one of the balconies of the house, with a view of the valley, and we prepare a small barbecue to recover from our efforts. 

Day 2: the Varen to St-Antonin cycle route: 15 km

The next day, we get back in the saddle, and we attack the section between Varen and St-Antonin. The road is pleasant, there are no major difficulties. We cross the pretty village of Féneyrols with its blue bridge, its clock square and its old thermal baths. We appreciate being able to stop along the way to discover natural or historical curiosities.  

We finally arrive in St-Antonin, where after a tour of the village we take a well-deserved break at the café de la Halle, which offers the most beautiful view of the Maison Romane, an emblematic monument of the town, dating from the 12th century.e century.  

Back to the gîte, where we try our hand at a pool table and table football. 

Day 3: Haut les causses: 23 km between Cazals and St-Antonin

Today, we are trying another adventure. In addition to the cycle route, cycle loops are also signposted in the Gorges de l'Aveyron area. To continue our journey, we join Cazals to do the route n°12, "haut les causses". And for good reason! 500 m of positive difference in altitude, we climb on the heights of the gorges. We appreciate the view from the road of the cornice and the hamlet of Brousses. Fortunately, there follows a descent and then a flat stretch to rest our legs. We cross the St-Antonin bridge before heading up to the Bône cirque. From here, the view is breathtaking. Not a house on the horizon, only the cliffs, the river and the forest as far as the eye can see. 

In the evening, a little pétanque to relax! 

Day 4: en route to Rouergue: 43 km

New day, new loop. Today we try the n° 11, "en route to the Rouergue". 43 km for a positive difference in altitude of 650m. PTo our great delight, the route is mostly shaded. We leave from the station of Lexos to reach the bastide of Verfeil, then we go to theonte to Cornusson and up to to Parisot then Castanet. It's going up! You can even see the village of Najac. We challenge each other to a race on the way back down to Laguépie. The last to arrive offers a drink to everyone! 

Day 5: Mountain biking - at the gateway to the Tarn-et-Garonne: 47 km

To complete our cycling experience in the Aveyron Gorges, we try some mountain bike trails. For this, we rent electrically assisted mountain bikes from "Les Nids de Bonnan". Super practical, they deliver directly to the gîte. We choose the black circuit n°68, which officially leaves from Verfeil, but we prefer to leave directly from Laguépie. 47 km for 1288 m of positive difference in altitude, it's going to be sporty! We cross the Alzonne valley on our way to Verfeil-sur-Seye, before heading up to Ginals and then back down along the Aveyron. 

We didn't have time to try all the cycling routes, but we enjoyed the stunning landscapes between steep cliffs, medieval villages and vast green plains. This immersive experience in the heart of nature gives a feeling of freedom and allows you to discover the region from a new angle, you take the time to stop. 


Inauguration of the new mountain bike circuits of the VTT-FFC Gorges de l'Aveyron area on Saturday 20 May in Caylus.  

+ More than 1300 km of discovery  

+ More than 50 tours! 




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