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Jean-Baptiste and Pauline settled in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val 4 years ago. They propose astronomy evenings on the Bosc plateau. 

Astronomy evenings, gite, bed and breakfast

THE star refuge

Why did you choose St-Antonin-Noble-Val? 

Passionate about astronomy, we chose the area for its natural setting, away from any light pollution. The starry sky is of very good quality. We see the sky "in real", as it is without the impact of human activities.  

How does an astronomy evening go at the Refuge aux étoiles? 

We offer private evenings, so I can really adapt to the public present and take the time to explain, to let people observe. There are no queues here to observe through telescopes. I present the sky from the nearest stars to those millions of light years away. Some people tell me that they feel dizzy when they come out of there and see the immensity of the universe. 

What is special about Le Refuge aux Étoiles? 

Take your time and enjoy a unique experience. Depending on who is there, depending on the season, the sky is not the same. You reconnect with nature. You are lulled by the song of the crickets, you can observe the glow worms... 

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Technical information

For an immersive experience, consider booking your night in the guesthouse. Prepare your eyes and ears for a moment out of time.


Astronomy, stargazing, bed and breakfast

Best season

The night of the stars in August


1 evening / 1 night


Bed and breakfast from 79€ - astronomy evening from 119€, all inclusive evening 239€.


Le Bosc - Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val


The quality of the starry sky, the precious comments of Jean-Baptiste

Sleeping on site


The Refuge aux Étoiles is also a bed and breakfast. Enjoy the astronomy evening, sleep on site and have breakfast on the terrace with a view of the Bonnette valley.  



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